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Providing King Midget cars, parts and proper technical advice for 26 years ! Longer than the original Midget Motors was in business ! 

    I always recommend calling, so we make sure your car hasn't been modified. Many times I will tell you where you can get the part locally, if it is a simple, common part. I'm here to HELP !

I've been providing King Midget cars, parts and service for coming on 27 years. I have served close to 600 customers - not all of them happy. I have done my best, over the years, to, within reason, take care of disgruntled customers, that amount to about 20 customers, or a paltry 3%. Yet there are people in the King Midget arena, who have taken it upon themselves to libel and slander me. Interestingly, the ones who are hiding behind their keyboards or telephones are, mostly, not former customers. Some have never met me face to face.  They have "heard - or been told, of an issue with me. Most of these stories are embellished or flat out lies. Some refer to a process I used years ago, and changed. I have listened to my unhappy customers, and changed how I've done business, and/or how I make certain parts. Their goal has been to hurt me and my business - which they have accomplished. I can no longer supplement my disability income with my income from KMW. I will be returning to the work force, part time for now, despite being 100% disabled. I have no choice with Social Security cuts looming on the horizon.
     Those who have been running their mouths about me may now dance in the street. Those supporters of me, the ones who have used me to properly restore entire cars, will lament that service is going to be slower, and may eventually cease. 
     At this time, I am accepting an order for one body, due to time constraints. Sorry, as I know many of you LOVE the 20 ga. bodies. I sold 2 to one customer, three to another.
    All other orders will carry on. I will adjust to serve you, my customers, the best I can.
Sorry to rant, but the bullies have finally won out and crushed my spirit. This summer, my dad passed away, I received a substantial concussion, and a longtime friend was killed in a motorcycle accident. They have taken what "fight" I had left in me....... For me, it was always " save the cars ", and to them, I hope you're proud of yourselves for crushing someone's dream. You can gather at your events and celebrate your passive/aggressive shunning of me.
So, here's to a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, AND my detractors just the same.




I offer King Midget Series II & III original style metal body panels in 20 gauge steel, as well as top bows, and complete fiberglass bodies for Series II's. ALL OEM parts manufactured or remanufactured here! Front suspension rebuilds, new lower struts. frame rails, wheel rebuilding. All work done to order, as well as custom panels and modifications. There is NO reason to go anywhere else! If I don't have it, I can get it! 27 years of King Midget experience. I have bought and sold more King Midgets than ANYONE !! When you call KMW, you get ME ! You get my knowledge, experience, and technical advice first hand. I know the difference between early and late dust caps and which is the proper nut for a series 2 steering wheel according to year !!! The kind of detail that's important to YOU !!!!

King Midget Works 
2149 Waterview Dr.
Clermont, Fl. 34711 

Phone: (352) 250-7166

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Yes, I buy ANY King Midget, ANY condition. This one yielded many great patterns, and will be rebuilt. Watch for progress. I desperately need wheels, clutches, transmissions. I can rebuild all....