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Front end adjustment
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Make your King go down the road right !

*All wheels must be on the ground for proper adjustment. You will need a helper to sit in car and gently rock steering wheel.


1) With your front wheels straight ahead, the steering box arm should be at or very near the 6 o'clock position. If not, adjust the steering box to L/F drag link until arm is straight down.

2)Have helper gently rock steering wheel side to side ( about an inch or two ). If there is play at the steering box, carefully tighten castle nut until play is removed - no further. Install new cotter pin.

3) have helper continue to rock steering wheel and check for play where lower strut slides up into the upper strut. If there is looseness, use adjustment strap on rear of upper strut. Tighten a little at a time until play is removed. Turn wheels COMPLETELY side to side to make sure they don't bind. If looseness is still evident, my heavier duty lower struts should take care of it.

4) Check tie rod ends for play. Adjust (early models) or replace as necessary.

5) Set toe in to 1/4" - 3/8" . I know this seems like a lot, but ANY toe out on a King Midget will cause it to wander and "dart".

6) road test


I have done this to MANY cars, using Dale Orcutt's own instructions. I merely made them toe in a little more, - that's how it was developed.