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Whatever you need for your King Midget - parts, advice, or restoration, I can help. Just check out a couple of my "offerings".

I believe my 24 years of experience within the King Midget world, and my 40 years as a certified mechanic and teacher, will help me answer all of your questions and take care of all of your needs. I also buy King Midgets of all conditions, or can help connect you with a buyer !
     My parts are guaranteed.....if you are unhappy, just call and let me know ! My parts are built exactly as they were produced by the original maker, on jigs and with patterns from originals. ALL King Midgets are a little different, car to car, as they were hand built. Yours may have been modified in an earlier life....please call with questions ! My service is #1 ! 

Front fenders L/R $100/ea

Front hood & grille $450.00 w/out front fenders, w/cargo shelf. State year internet special !!

Rear quarter panels w/fenders. State year L/R $250.00/ea.

Hood, grille, fenders (includes cargo shelf). $550.00

Complete rear section with decklid. '57-'58 pictured. '57-8 $550.00, '59 up $450.00

Recently sold -  "67 Series 3 with Kohler overhead cam V-twin with Comet clutch set up ! I don't have anymore this nice, but I do have a '58 in stock ! Decent car, 4 new wheels and tires. Body not too bad. Needless to say, it needs a complete restoration. $1600.00 Parts discounts for anyone who purchases a car.

SOLD !!!
I make EVERY King Midget body panel for series 2 or 3 !!! I also make custom panels to order !!!!!
See my new page - how to tighten up your front end and set the toe-in !!! No modifications necessary !!!!

Technical issues???? Feel free to call me! 352-250-7166 Anytime !

Many of the services I offer require me to know your specific needs in order to quote a price.

Please call me at (352) 250-7166 for a free estimate or for more details.

Send us an email

Complete bodies are not currently available. Orders will be resumed September 1, 2015.
         '57 - '69 $1500.00. Bodies come with EVERY piece of tin on the car, including a gas pedal ! Doors extra at $300/pr. aluminum or wood
     Shipping costs vary, but a complete body on a pallet via ForwardAir is APPROXIMATELY $250.00 - $300.00. This requires you to pick it up at their terminal at a major airport. If you want the body delivered to your door, it's considerably more.
      If you live in a rural area - not close to a major airport, shipping for bodies may be more, on a case by case basis. You are more than welcome to come by and pick them up!!! All parts require a 50% deposit at time of order, remainder paid upon completion and prior to shipping.
     I do not use this money to go on a cruise or inflate my lifestyle. It goes into immediate purchase of materials and labor.
If you have a shipping account through your business, I'd be more than happy to work with you on shipping.

Please be patient on large orders (ie bodies). I get them done and shipped ASAP. All orders are completed in order of transaction. If I get 4 body orders in one week, I have to do them as "first come, first served". Your car may be the only King Midget you're working on, but I'm working on several. Thanks for your business.

Skip Weaver 2149 Waterview Dr., Clermont, Florida 34711 352-250-7166