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Whatever you need for your King Midget - parts, advice, or restoration, I can help. Just check out a couple of my "offerings".

I believe my 26 years of experience within the King Midget world, and my 42 years as a certified mechanic and teacher, will help me answer all of your questions and take care of all of your needs. I also buy King Midgets of all conditions, or can help connect you with a buyer !
     My parts are guaranteed.....if you are unhappy, just call and let me know ! My parts are built exactly as they were produced by the original maker, on jigs and with patterns from originals. ALL King Midgets are a little different, car to car, as they were hand built. Yours may have been modified in an earlier life....please call with questions ! My service is #1 ! 

Front fenders L/R $175/ea, patch style slipons, $150

not currently available

Rear quarter panels w/fenders. Not currently available, Slipon rear fender patch panels $150/ea.

Complete "doghouse" Not currently available

Complete rear section with decklid. '57-'58 pictured.Not currently available

Drive and wheel sprockets with chain. $205 w/shipping

I make EVERY King Midget body panel for series 2 or 3 !!! I also make custom panels to order !!!!!
See my new page - how to tighten up your front end and set the toe-in !!! No modifications necessary !!!!

Technical issues???? Feel free to call me! 352-250-7166 Anytime !

Many of the services I offer require me to know your specific needs in order to quote a price.

Please call me at (352) 250-7166 for a free estimate or for more details.

Send us an email

Complete bodies are not currently available.

Please be patient on large orders (ie bodies). I get them done and shipped ASAP. All orders are completed in order of transaction. If I get 4 body orders in one week, I have to do them as "first come, first served". Your car may be the only King Midget you're working on, but I'm working on several. Thanks for your business.