The King Midget Works story
The King Midget Works story
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For the love of a car

King Midget Works started in July, 1991, when I purchased my first King Midget. I then found another, and then another. Originally, I was King Midget Motors, a name I registered in 1996, and was part of my "Underground Auto" family, along with Sunapee Vintage Cycles, in Sunapee, NH. I bought and sold King Midgets, and started making deck lids and top bows, along with used parts. There were highs and lows, but my main purpose was to HELP people. In 2002, I moved to Florida. I tried to get out of the business a couple of times, but people begged me to stay. In 2008, I changed the business name to "King Midget Works', and started expanding my parts offerings with complete bodies. Some of the parts I provide cannot be purchased anywhere else.
     I suffered a bad injury to my left leg in May, 2010, and back injury in 2012. I struggle on despite my physical limitations, because I want to help people with this curious little car. I work tirelessly to make better parts and service - but sometimes things just take time. I have bought and sold approximately 150 King Midgets, gathering info and experience with each one. NO ONE knows them better, and I stand by that fact. I have helped WELL over 500 customers in the past 26 years.
     In 2016 I was granted the trademark. 2018 here we come ! Thank you for your business.