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An open letter the members of The International King Midget Car Club

    Dear members, I know you have been asked for donations for a needless legal battle shaping up. Some of you older members may recall me using the King Midget name and logo back in 1992, in fact selling "T' shirts with a series 2 on the shirt, with the logo behind it. A number of these shirts were worn to the founding of the club. If you go to the home page of the club's website, you will find the King Midget history tab. If you read the accompanying text, the club has always maintained that whoever owned Midget Motors owned the Trademark, not the club. I actually registered the name MANY years ago.

  I trademarked the name and logo, as I have been gearing up to reproduce the cars in accordance with a new Federal law . Part of registering a Trademark, is defending its use, which involves cease and desist letters, attorneys, and at times litigation. The leadership of the club has left me no choice but to move forward with litigation. I did not want this, as I was willing to let the club continue to operate.

    You should ask yourself this - why is so much effort being put into plans for a bastard car, and not into reproducing clutches, or steering wheels ? Other clubs actually work together to preserve the cars, and SUPPORT their parts suppliers, neither of which is the case with the current club hierarchy. Who has sacrificed more than ME, for the BRAND over the last 25 years ?

    I encourage you to email me directly for the real story of what's going won't be pleased....

UPDATE..... The International King Midget Car Club ceased to exist August 15, 2015. The IRS officially revoked its status for not filing reports back to 2012. If you are currently donating money, or donated money for the purchase of the commuter car, and received a "tax deductible" credit, you may want to get with your accountant, as you will probably be audited. As it is no longer a non-profit, all income the club has received since 2012 is now income, and taxes are owed. The club's EIN number is 35-1989332, if you would like to check the IRS site. ALL this information is public record. Your club President has been making money off of his position in the club. This is a violation of 501 (c) 3 regulations. The club owes a substantial amount of taxes and penalties to the IRS. Take charge of your club, and make it what Dave Stults wanted it to be - a way to PRESERVE the cars. Dave and I didn't always get along, but we agreed on the preservation aspect.

 Preservation is NOT buying original cars and putting them on display, it's pooling resources to reproduce parts, like steering wheels, clutches and transmissions. It certainly is NOT modifying every King Midget out there. Save the cars. Save the legacy.

UPDATE: The club, CHANGED the history of the club on the website to fit a new narrative that the club was founded in 1991, not 1992, and Midget Motors never owned the Trademark, the club did. Anyone who has been into King Midgets any length of time knows this is baloney. Your club President also presented papers that could be considered perjury. The club's 501 (c) 3 status is still in question with the IRS, meaning the club owes taxes to the IRS. A variety of Federal laws may have been violated. YOU as a member can be held responsible, as you are a part owner of the corporation. There is NO reason for this fight for the Trademark. Thousands in legal fees have been spent. Stop the madness......