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I am proud to own the name "King Midget", and hope that good things will come out of it, including more parts ! I trademarked the name to protect my continuing investment in the production of parts and CARS.
I was awarded the Trademark over a year ago - legally and properly. The club filed a challenge to it shortly after it being awarded. Thousands in legal fees have been paid out, to take away a trademark, to which, I've devoted my life's work. I offered to sell the mark to the club for $1 dollar. THEY DON"T even WANT it ! An intermediary negotiated a settlement where I gave the club the logo. They nixed that too. They just don't want ME to have it. This isn't about business, or who has a right to the mark, it's about vindictiveness and retribution against ME, for what, I have no idea.
If you notice, the club's history has been changed. It originally was said Alan Conly was sold the "rights", who then sold them to Mike Beebe. NOW, these transactions never happened, and the club has owned them all along. Long time club members will remember.

You can SEE where your money is being wasted by accessing the USPTO website. Under Trial and Appeal board, type in proceeding box 92064195
See for yourself. READ all the pleadings. It's public record
I will be posting evidence of fraud, in my opinion, by the club in this proceeding, shortly.