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Two of the things I cannot control are my health, and any subcontractors I have - mostly shipping. Shipping is the most difficult part of my business, and I work endlessly, striving for reasonably priced shipping options. If my shipper closes an office closer to your home, or no longer takes a certain size crate, or raises rates, I have NO control over that.
       As for me, I have NO inner calf muscle on my left leg ( the result of a ruptured achilles tendon ), two bad knees, an unstable neck, bad back, torn rotator cuff AND Menniers disease. Despite all of THAT, I persevere to help people with their dream King Midget as best I can. When one of these beyond-my-control things happens, it doesn't do any good to get angry about it. I always do my best to get things back on track as soon as I can.
July 1st. I will turn 60 years old. It will also be the end of King Midget Works in its present form. I will accept orders up to July 1st, then no more for an undetermined amount of time. I HAVE to get healthy.
     I will continue to service and assist former or current customers, but no new ones. No more tech help as well. 
King Midget parts and service. All parts made here ! Skip Weaver ASE/CMAT


I need Steering wheels, clutches, transmissions, lights, lower struts - anything King Midget!!!!

Tech assistance for general King Midget problems  will be provided to customers who have purchased a minimum of $50.00 worth of parts from me - although first time is FREE !
        Parts info is always free, of course ! Emails are best.
     ALL orders currently secured with a deposit, and ALL cars currently here will be finished in order of current schedule. Please remember you might be working on ONE King Midget - I'm working on many!
2015 is my 24th year doing King Midgets. I have sold more cars & parts than ANYONE!

I offer King Midget Series II & III original style metal body panels in 20 gauge steel, as well as top bows, and complete fiberglass bodies for Series II's. ALL OEM parts manufactured or remanufactured here! Front suspension rebuilds, new lower struts. frame rails, wheel rebuilding. All work done to order, as well as custom panels and modifications. There is NO reason to go anywhere else! If I don't have it, I can get it! 24 years of King Midget experience. I have bought and sold more King Midgets than ANYONE !! When you call KMW, you get ME ! You get my knowledge, experience, and technical advice first hand. I know the difference between early and late dust caps and which is the proper nut for a series 2 steering wheel according to year !!! The kind of detail that's important to YOU !!!!

King Midget Works 
2149 Waterview Dr.
Clermont, Fl. 34711 

Phone: (352) 250-7166

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Yes, I buy ANY King Midget, ANY condition. This one yielded many great patterns, and will be rebuilt. Watch for progress. I desperately need wheels, clutches, transmissions. I can rebuild all....


Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

Skip Weaver 2149 Waterview Dr., Clermont, Florida 34711 352-250-7166