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Welcome to my web site!

King Midget parts and service. All parts made here ! Skip Weaver ASE/CMAT


I need wheels, clutches, transmissions, lights, lower struts - anything King Midget!!!!
Despite the ugliness below, I wish everyone - including my detractors, a Happy Thanksgiving !
   One thing I do not tolerate is anyone thinking that they can threaten me or make false accusations about myself and my business. Recently, this has been the case. There is a small group of club members who have slandered me and gossiped about me for years - despite not personally knowing me, or ever having done business with me. I'm calling out a "Ryan Brooks", in particular. First of all, how am I that important in their lives ? Secondly, I have many health issues, which slow me down, and don't allow me such stress.
       I am taking orders for bodies until January 1, 2015, at which time I will cease to manufacture body parts with a couple of exceptions. I will only sell parts I have on hand, at time of order, that CAN be shipped in a timely fashion. I will no longer take on car work of ANY type. Furthermore, I will only provide tech assistance to customers who have purchased a minimum of $50.00 worth of parts from me. No more calls 7 days a week until 11 at night. Others seem to think they can do it better.......GO FOR IT !
     ALL orders currently secured with a deposit, and ALL cars currently here will be finished in order of current schedule. 2015 is my 24th year doing King Midgets. I have sold more cars & parts than ANYONE! You all can thank Mr, Brooks for my exit.

I offer King Midget Series II & III original style metal body panels in 20 gauge steel, as well as top bows, and complete fiberglass bodies for Series II's. ALL OEM parts manufactured or remanufactured here! Front suspension rebuilds, new lower struts. frame rails, wheel rebuilding. All work done to order, as well as custom panels and modifications. There is NO reason to go anywhere else! If I don't have it, I can get it! 23 years of King Midget experience. I have bought and sold more King Midgets than ANYONE !! When you call KMW, you get ME ! You get my knowledge, experience, and technical advice first hand. I know the difference between early and late dust caps and which is the proper nut for a series 2 steering wheel according to year !!! The kind of detail that's important to YOU !!!!

King Midget Works 
2149 Waterview Dr.
Clermont, Fl. 34711 

Phone: (352) 250-7166

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Yes, I buy ANY King Midget, ANY condition. This one yielded many great patterns, and will be rebuilt. Watch for progress. I desperately need wheels, clutches, transmissions. I can rebuild all....


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Skip Weaver 2149 Waterview Dr., Clermont, Florida 34711 352-250-7166