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The International King Midget Car Club, has, in my opinion, lost its way. In their incorporation bylaws with the state of Indiana, as a 501c non-profit, they clearly state that the purpose of the club is for the preservation of the car, as well as educating the public. The club is rife with heavily modified cars. The President of the club has a Geo Metro powered King Midget. He has done a WONDERFUL job doing it, but this encourages a wide latitude of modifications and NOT preservation. If the club decides to continue in this vein, they need to rethink their purpose. It's like having a Crosley club committed to their preservation, full of cars with small block Chevy power, Mustang II front ends etc. The actions and treasury of the club also call into question their 501c status. There is no "brick and mortar" to support.....
     It's also been put out there that IKMCC is a "people club". Well, that is not what  their incorporation papers say. If they want to be a social group - be one, but if you want to PRESERVE cars of a brand. PRESERVE them. My opinion.....
   More King Midgets have been ruined over the last 10 years than properly restored. I have offered my experience and resources to other suppliers - for free. The focus here should be THE CARS.

This opinion is not to be copied or posted in paper or electronic media form, without WRITTEN permission from myself, Skip Weaver.